Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy month!

Well, its been a busy month and it always seems to be for February. Near the end of January, I got news of a few animation studios seeking artist positions that I know I could fill. Exciting no? But! At the same time, the Gamer's Developer Conference coming to town. I joined up with a startup, Three Little Pigs Studios to provide them with environment concepts. And, WonderCon was right after GDC! So, my busy month started and I never stopped working until now!

In the middle of preparations, Carolina got me back for my birthday. Ooohh.. so evil. For her bday, I got her up Sunday early (8am, hey... its the weekend) to a BART station to surprise her with all our friends I could get into a van. I had a longer list, but dam vans only fit so many people. Anyway, it worked and we all had a great day in wine country. I guess it went so well, Carolina had to surprise me too. Ooohh.. so evil. As she took me out south to Santa Cruz boardwalk for the day, we had a great time. Beaches, seafood, rides, and arcade Mario Kart. Cool time. After the long drive back, I got a big surprise at home! When I first walked in, I swore I sniffed a pizza. An odd smell for our place and I saw the door to our bedroom closed. With that info, the thought entered my mind. There are people in the dark waiting to surprise me. Yay! Now mind you, I figured this out like I figure out Bruce Willis was dead in 6th Sense, a second before the wedding rings dropped. Some psychic powers I have eh? Anyway, it was a great time to see to many great friends. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

So, I finished my portfolio in time for GDC and hit the conference the first day open at the job pavilion. All of which turned out really solid leads. Sadly, they were mostly all out of town. And, I mean waaaay out of town. Seattle, Vegas, east coast, Canada, and Iceland. Yes, Iceland, which I think would be really cool. <--- no pun intended It was an good experience, there I was really able to gauge my skill level and I found myself at a good spot. I was surprised at the amount of awkward job seekers as well. So many people dress too casually, had poorly laid out their portfolios, and a bit short on their personal/social skills. But I guess thats why we're into gaming. A social hobby without being truly social? Nevertheless, things are looking brighter.

After GDC that same week, we hit WonderCon and enjoyed ourselves there. We saw the previews for 10,000BC movie. Ah... no. Also, we saw Get Smart preview. Which I was unsold on until I saw Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway there. Both really cool people and funny. From what I saw, they really will do the show justice and make it their own. Oddly enough, there was more attention to Steve Carell than to the beautiful, Anne Hathaway. Only at comic-con eh? We also saw previews for the new Clone Wars... AWESOME! Except, I'm not too into the character style. I think I'll get used to it. And finally we saw Wall*E clips. Oh so cool and pretty, up there with Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and Incredibles.

And... to finish the month off, I was able to finish send work into the animation studios and finish quite a few sketches for Three Little Pigs. And then I was surprised to get some really cool freelance work for MOLI! Thanks Ryan! Sweet news! Its been a busy month and looking to be steadily that way for a while. Whoo hooo! Oh oh... here are some of the sketches for Three Little Pigs. Enjoy!