Thursday, March 4, 2010


I thought I'd share with you the personal work from lunch time. Since work has been needing us to work overtime, I've had no motivation for personal art afterwards. I haven't even loaded ModernWarfare2 or any other FPS at all! So, my lunchtimes have become a good time to work on it. Different subjects and a good way to quicken my workflow since I've only got an hour, its been good.

First was a hoverbike, inspired by podracing. I've been thinking about buying a motorcyle and thought it would be cool to use one of the engines from a podracer into a hoverbike. Second was a industrial design of the week challenge, "near future tactical bomber". Due to overtime, I didn't finish in time to post for the challenge, but here it is anyway. It was fun to work on without getting scf-fi crazy.