Tuesday, July 1, 2008


... oh wait. That's Texan. Nevermind! I just wanted to share with everyone the last two images for conceptart.org's weekly challenge, the DEEP. Along with the previous 3, these last two round out my entry. There is a lot of good work and many more people working hard to be better artists. If you have a bit, check it out here. My final presentation is somewhere in the lower half. I thought I was late, but being on the east coast, I guess I was kinda early! Sweet.

So, the last two are good ol' weapons and a remote drone. Somehow I didn't see an underwater society using much bullets. But my tiny knowledge sound and the water, made the idea sound plausible. The drone came from the idea that there are probably still some limit on how deep this fictional society could go. A drone, like the Mars rover, could.

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Ryan McCulloch said...

I love the way you your lights look underwater. These are great, especially the top one. Keep up the great work!