Sunday, January 11, 2009


Happy New Year everyone! I know its been sometime and I've been bad about updating here. But! With the new year, comes the resolutions. Guess what one of mine is? To draw and paint more!

Anyway, keeping with my resolution, I joined in's weekly event again. I didn't want to just work on props and vehicles, I want to go into an uncomfortable area, characters. So, here is my recent entry into character of the week, a Knight of the Round Table. I picked Sir Gawain and after some after work doodling, my concept of Sir Gawain.

I've been finished concepting for Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard for some time now. The game is due out this Spring, as soon its out, I'll update again. Right now, I moved on to the company's next projects, which I am excited about. But, of course, I just can't say a thing... stoopid NDAs


Ryan McCulloch said...

Looks awesome doode!

carotello said...

Dude! That's pretty awesome. I love his stance. Wish I could see it bigger...more! more! more!

Unknown said...

I tried to click for a bigger image, too, but no luck. I hadn't given up on your blog, but didn't really expect to see anything new. So, I'm glad you're back to updating it.

Ivan M said...

Thanks guy and gals! I'll try to stay updated more since I found a figure drawing class, so I'll have something to post.