Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer... hot! Its been over a year out here and I'm still not liking this heat+humidity thing. How did people survive without AC... Yes, I whine. Cheese, please.

After ignoring my updates for too long, I'm back. The main reason why I haven't even kept up with a monthly update is that I re-worked my website. After finishing up Dominance War, I took a look at my website and realized it needed a new look. Since it was sometime, I had a few concepts from the past few work projects I could show. Also, I had some decent sketches from my figure drawing workshop in Raleigh. Its kinda weird how you look at your old stuff and just cringe... selective deletion! Wheee! >click!<>click!<>click!<>click!<>click!<>click!<

Been exploring more of the area despite the heat. Found the art museum, which is nice for its size. Sure, its not the MET, Chicago Art Institute, or the Philly Art Museum. However, for what space and likely small budget, its a very nice place to have brunch and draw. Once they've done remodeling, I'm sure I'll be a weekly visitor. Along with that, the Carborro farmer's market finally has more produce, which is nice. But now there is a new mad H1T1 tomatoes disease now? Oy.

And trying to keep up with personal artwork, I saw the IDW weekly challenge (Epic Bombarder pre-1900) and it had the option to do a bit of steampunk. I'm sucker for steampunk. I saw it the day it was due, so I didn't post it, but figure you guys might like it. It took only a couple of hours and I think I might be getting the hang of this stuff. Oh, wait. Thats off... and that... and... sigh...


Chris Rahn said...

Nice! looks like it took way longer. I feel your pain about the heat, everyone here says this is the hottest Portland summer in decades.

Ryan McCulloch said...