Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New York pt.1

The next leg of our trip was in New York City. Now, I have never been to NY, just like most people, I've seen a pretty good share of it in TV, movies, comics, etc. A typical New Yorker will probably tell me that I have no idea... and they would be right.

Caro and I headed in on the train from Jersey and got to Penn Station. The moment I headed up the stairs, it was pretty cool to see the sheer mass of buildings in NY, the busy streets, and flow of the city. It is a fast paced city that I'd love to live in, despite the initial overwhelming power NY has.

We headed to Fifth Ave to meet a good friend, Megan, for lunch. We chatted about life and work and she gave us the low down on the places we wanted to see. Like the Met, MoMa, and such. Afterwards we all went to the MoMa to see the latest and greatest modern art. Before I journeyed to NY's MoMa, I went to San Francisco's. I didn't like much of the work there, now seeing major works that I've studied in school, I can say for certain, I don't like modern art.

We started off to the Neue Gallery to see the Klimt work that came back from tour. During our hike, we went through Central Park. And that was a nice and relaxing walk. Its a welcoming beautiful park with paths all over. We stopped by a cafe for a cup of caffeine and to slow down enough to enjoy our vacation. So many people rush according to a time table for all the sights, but you're on vacation! There is no schedule! Thus, relax and enjoy we did. Central Park is a beautiful place that so starkly contrasts the stone and steel of the city. Golden Gate Park is so different from Central Park. When you leave Golden Gate, you're in smaller residential homes, where Central Park is directly next to the skyscrapers of NY.

Later, we made it to the Neue gallery and walked around all the Klimt work. It was great to see so much of his finished work, but whats amazing was his sketches. His figures drawings are loose and shows off his talent. We spend a good amount of time there admiring his work and we brought a book of his drawings.

Soon, Carolina took me down to Times Square and it was a sensory wave of lights and more lights there. It was a tad stunning at first, but after a moment it was very interesting to look around. We wandered to Broadway and all the plays. Making it to Broadway as an actor certainly makes more sense to me now. Then, for dinner we found Pomaire, a restaurant on 46th street. Having eaten everything in Chile I could when I was there, this place was authentic Chilean food and it was delicious! The best meal I had in the east coast! The ribs... mm mmm!

And, like Philly we ended our first day in NY with our tummy's full waddling back to the train to Jersey. But, one day sure isn't enough, so we were determined to come back.

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