Thursday, November 22, 2007

New York pt.2

Back to New York we headed and our the Met was our goal. The Met. What can you say but to say its one of the most impressive places to see incredible collections of art in the US. An overwhelming amount of collections from every period that you can think of. Megan warned us a day wouldn't be enough, after we got there, I question if a week would be! We started in the Greek/Roman collection admiring the great collection of sculptures. In fact, we weren't the only artists there, many art students were there using that incredible resource. Soon, we wandered through the Egyptian collections to the Medieval collections. I loved seeing the armor and weapon masterworks there, we took many photos for future reference. Eventually wandering through the maze like Met with its many reconstruction projects, we got to the American Collection. Sadly, much of the work was in storage within these reflective and poorly lit glass cases. Not the most ideal setup to view them, but the paintings were still great to view. The Sargeants, Eakins, and Cassatts were beautiful. It made the hassle of wandering through the Met really worth it to see such great paintings.

Afterwards, we headed to see the Guggenheim building. I've read a lot about Franklin Lloyd Wright and his architecture, not the biggest fan, but the Guggenheim certainly merits a visit. Well, that was NOT to be. The damn thing was all shrouded in catwalks, safety nets , and "come back soon" signs. Yeah, thanks.

So, spending so long in the Met, hunger set in once again. We took the subway and surfaced near the Chrysler Building look for restaurants. Before the trip I wanted to somehow fit in some authentic NY thin pizza. Much is to be made of this vaunted pizza that somehow, however unlikely, to be better than Chicago deep dish. Many an debate I've been a part of concerning this, which always comes down to... "Sure, you've had NY thin pizza, but have you had it in NY?" A point I would use for Chicago deep dish, the best IS in Chicago. So as we looked for a place to eat, I kept an eye out for a place. None smelled or looked any good. Eventually we came to the area where we had dinner the last time. The place of excellent Chilean cuisine, Pomaire. Then it dawned upon me, who cares about thin flaky NY pizza? I rather have delicious Chilean food. So, once again, we ate as kings did. Steak, wine, and pisco sours!

Unfortunately, I think I angered the pizza gods or something, because we missed the train in New Jersey that would bring us to John and Linda's. Thus, we had to take the owl service bus back. And let me tell you that a night right through Trenton isn't fun, but the NJ Transit driver was extremely helpful and we got to our stop 2hours later. We then a very very long walk back to the house. Now, as a walker in San Francisco, I can say this was a long walk. The worse was when we got to the long unlit driveway, we realized this is the part of the horror movie were we should turn around and not walk that dark path to the dark house with no lights on Halloween night.

Was this our trick or treat?

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