Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the monthly blog...?

I guess nowadays I've become the monthly blog rather than a often updated one. Sorry folks. Moving on! I'm here in Raleigh and basically as settled in as I can be. I'm in a nice place thats a 5min walk to work and I love that part. While most people are commuting home, I'm in the clubhouse gym or swimming laps in the pool. Work is good and I like the people there. Yeah, its nice out here, but... ITS HOT. Oh SF, I miss your cool weather. I haven't had a chance to really explore too much, but without a car, it is a challenge. I've got my trusty road bike, so its good for now.

Of course, while I am at work I don't get to draw or painting anything thats mine. So, I try to draw in-between unpacking and playing Team Fortress 2 and Crysis. Yes, Call of Duty4 is next. Hey, I just got this computer. I... I digress. Sorry. Um, so I've been participating in conceptart.org's weekly event for sometime. Now, that I have settled in enough that I've been working on this new challenge. Its an across the topic involving "the DEEP", ocean, not space. I really like working on these, some come out alright, some pretty good. I like the practice and the chance to be creative and finish what I like. I've got a few more to round out, but here's what I recently did. A floating lantern, breathing helmet, and a underwater suit. The last one, crab/lobster suit, I took some new tricks and hopefully they turned out ok. More to come... 2? 3? We'll see!

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Ryan McCulloch said...

MAN that lantern is beautiful. glad you're getting settled. Is weird to move accross the country, especially when SF is your world. We're all rooting for you, can't wait to see what you're up to. Will catch up soon.