Thursday, November 22, 2007

Back to Philly and then to CA

New York was pretty exhausting. So, it was good that we didn't have any other places we had to see in NY, I'm sure there is much more. But for our first trip, it was enough. So, we headed back into Philly and decided to see the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In contrast of the Met, Philly's was wonderfully relaxing and peaceful to just take our time and walk around. The American Collection was laid out well and given the space the paintings deserved for these great American Illustrators. Great pieces from Sargent and Homer's collection was great and sizable, but Thomas Eakins piece, the Agnew Clinic was the most impressive there. Wow. There was so much story, such execution, and size. A great painting to see in person. I used to think a person could enjoy great work from the internet or a well printed book, but now, I'm going to be on a mission to see all artwork I can in person. I wonder when the low season is for Paris?

We also saw more medieval armory pieces, journeyed through impressive mock sets of a variety of cultures, and viewed some great European painters. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a excellent museum. I really enjoyed my time there and would love to go back there as much as I would to the Met. And the topping of it all was when I finally found the statue of Rocky. Yeah, I like the movies and heard there was a real statue at the museum. I wasn't sure if the city still had it out there, but out there it was!

Our third trip back in Philly we went all the way from the Italian market (having another Philly cheese steak), back through South St, all the way back to City Hall. It was a perfect way to wind our trip down. Saw some great neighborhoods, wonderful historical buildings, and great shops all over. Its a great place to consider moving to. If only there were a good opportunities for us in Philly, but, ah well...

Finally the week was up and it was time to go home. It was a great time, but eventually home called and we were happy to go back. Linda gave us a ride to the airport after our goodbyes and we headed back home to the Bay Area. It was a great time that we needed to reset everything and take time for us.


Unknown said...

Wow dude, that was one helluva vacation.

Ivan M said...

Thanks. It was something that we didn't think would happen, but after what happened, it was something we needed, you know?